50 Cent claims he was cheated out of $261,000 by a judge who ruled against him in a bitter lawsuit with Sleek Audio because he is black and a rapper.

TMZ reports the 'In Da Club' rapper is in a legal battle with Sleek Audio -- he says the company owed him the large chunk of change -- but lost. Sleek denied the claim so the case went to arbitration (a legal process where an arbitrator chooses a winner).

The arbitrator sided with Sleek, but 50 refuses to lose and is taking the case to federal Court. He claims that the judge was a racist who didn't like his rap star status or kinship with "controversial African-American figures." Apparently the judge refused to look at evidence having to do with the case or allow witnesses to be cross-examined.

Sleek says the rapper is a sore loser who is playing the race card to try to get the case back in court.

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