Veteran MC Fat Joe stopped by The Breakfast Club, the Bronx native came by to debut his brand new single "So Excited". Fat Joe has been working on his 5th solo album and wanted to stop by and see DJ Envy, Charlamagne The God and Angela Yee to debut the new music.

While there Fat Joe talked about the status of the Hip Hop industry and how streaming has effected the music business.   Check out the full interview below.

Here are five things we learned from Fat Joe during his visit to The Breakfast Club.

  • Fat Joe predicted that Remy Ma would be the number one female rapper this year.  One year later she won the award.  Is Fat Joe a fortune teller ?
  • Fat Joe also expressed how much love he has for Lil Wayne, when asked if the Remy Ma/Nicki Minaj beef had effected the two MC's relationship. He commented that he hasn't seen Wayne and its all love between the two.
  • He has a tremendous relationship with his wife and he has to actually bribe his wife to be in the public life.  She respects his public life and he respects her need for privacy.
  • Fat Joe once had a beef with Jay-Z now he has tremendous respect for Jay-Z. Fat Joe says he works out everyday to Jay -Z's 4:44 album.
  • Fat Joe listens to everyones music,  he has listened to everyones album that has dropped this year and is a fan of Vince Mensa and numerous new MC's.

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