2 Chainz turns into a superhero when he needs to protect his jewelry. The Atlanta rapper's new video for "Diamonds Talkin Back" features some comic book-style visuals as Tity Boi thwarts a evildoer's heist plans. 2 Chainz fights off multiple thieves and still manages to spit his boastful rhymes.

"Ill advised, got the Rollie winterized/When I die bury me beside the Cuban links/2 Chainz, a lot of Z's cause you niggas sleep/Pinky ring ping, index finger ping, middle finger ping/Whole lot of rings, whole lot of watches/Watchband ostrich, neck, wrist, faucets/Chain show 'em options," 2 Chainz raps.

2 Chainz is very willing to flex, but he is also generous with his money. The MC recently announced that he would be donating some of the proceeds from his CEO Millionaires clothing line to homeless veterans.

"We gotta use these platforms for good," he wrote on Instagram. "Money isn’t everything, but I can take my opportunities and turn it into opportunities to change lives. When you support this new @ceomillionaires collection you’re gonna be helping bring awareness to a problem we have in America."

2 Chainz also brought back his line of ugly Christmas sweaters, complete with plans to donate a portion of the proceeds to those in need.

"This year, the mission is simple – to help as many people as we possibly can," 2 Chainz said in his mission statement. I want you, my fans, to submit stories about people you know that are in need. Whether it’s a neighbor, friend or a complete stranger, if you know they are need, please tell us their story.”

You can purchase the sweaters now at 2 Chainz's online store. You will want to grab them soon because the prices go up next week.

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