Future just blessed his fans with two songs from his upcoming Beast Mode 16 project with the club banger "Poppin' Tags" and the smoothed out but just as hard hitting "Ain't Trying." Both songs were shared by DJ Esco on OVO Sound Radio.

First, on "Poppin' Tags," Mr. Hendrix mixes tough-talk with in-your-face braggadocio and big spending.

"I came here to purchase, I ain't worried 'bout a ticket / B----, you on that G-Wagon, go motherf----- get it / I had on my ski mask in the motherf----- trenches / Homie Blood talkin, is you motherf----- Crippin?'" he rhymes.

Then on "Ain't Tryin," the Freebandz boss lets his detractors know that he's not even thinking about them, because he's too busy enjoying his success and staying focused.

"I can't see no p---- n---- like I'm blind / Keep my finger on the trigger at all times / For this cash I don't mind doing the crime / Roll this gas in my pockets like I'm slime," he raps in his signature gruffed voiced sing-songy cadence.

Be on the lookout for Beast Mode 16, which will probably drop before the year's out.

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