The NCAA tournament is going strong and college basketball lovers are in heaven with their brackets! Unfortunately, our U Albany Boys came close but did not beat Florida State yesterday. But of course we still send them love and congratulate them. But, what I am realllly wondering about, is where in the hell is the love for U Albany Women's basketball team?! What better way to celebrate Women's History Month!

(Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
(Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Lots of people don't even know that the lady Danes are in the NCAA tournament, 15th seed, and will be going toe to toe this Sunday against West Virginia University at 3pm! Since I haven't been seeing much hype about our super talented women's bball team, you know I had to blow it up!

They were 27-4 last season and this season 28-4, so come on now, they've got game! I just love their coach Katie Abrhamson-Henderson. She is a don't mess around with, don't waste my time, aint having it kind of coach and obviously knows what the hell she is doing. She is bad ass! Love her ! Get it girl!! And Girls!

This Sunday it all goes down at 3pm - be sure to cheer them on as they go up against WVU! I am still hunting and looking for what tv channel the showdown will be on, and if I find out I will definitely update yall on this. Good luck to our lady Danes!! Here's a recap of the ladies from last year! Throwback! Good luck girls from your Fav Super Hero! Wish I could fly out to Baton Rouge to cheer you on!

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