Syracuse had a dominating and historic win over Florida State yesterday in the ACC Tournament.  Cuse won by 39 points but it came at a cost.  Star senior Buddy Boeheim punched FSU player Wyatt Wilkes after attempting to get a rebound early in the first half.  Buddy received a one game suspension and he will miss their quarterfinal matchup against Duke.  It is most definitely a big loss as Syracuse has to win three games in three days.  Here is my quick take on this from the Times Union:

I will never say never, but for Syracuse to beat Duke on Thursday in the ACC Quarterfinals, Joseph Girard III, Cole Swider and Jimmy Boeheim would all have to shoot high percentages from three point range. And even then it might not be enough to beat Duke who has pounded on Syracuse twice already this season. Buddy Boeheim being suspended for punching a player in Wednesday’s blowout win over Florida State really hurts. I never thought Boston College would beat Wake Forest on Wednesday but they did, and it’s March where there is always plenty of Madness. If the Orange don’t win, their season is over, because the only way for them to make the NCAA Tournament is to win the ACC Tourney, which seems very unlikely.

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My producer and co-host Michael Johnson Jr and I discussed the Buddy Boeheim incident and suspension along with giving our predictions on Syracuse vs Duke today.  Below is our full conversation on this.

I don't think Syracuse can win the ACC Tourney but MJ sure does.  Crazier things have happened in March Madness but we sure are loving it here on Big Board Sports

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