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Keisha Renee Cap Region Jobs
"Its not about the speed, forward is forward"
I know looking for a job can be hard and stressful. Each week I post jobs that are available and hiring all throughout the Capital Region. I try to find a few jobs that could work for a variety of people, because everyone's got some…
Win The Black Panther Album on Hot 99.1
Listen to Hot 99.1 all weekend long giving away digital download codes for The Black Panther: Album, co-produced by, Grammy winner Kendrick Lamar. The Black Panther movie is in theater today.
The Cutest Couples In The Capital District
Happy Valentines Day Love is in the air and the cute couples have been calculated. Congrats to these Cute Couples who will be celebrating with Ashanti on 5/13/18. The Ashanti concert has been rescheduled for Mother's Day.
Get Ready For Hot Awards 2018
Hot Awards 2018 Is This Thursday - Get Ready For Hot Awards 2018. This is a celebration of everything 518. We will have special guest DJ sets from DJ Show, DJ Biz, DJ Supreme, The Ryan O Shay Experience, DJ King Bully, and The DJ Of The Year DJ Ketchup...
Keisha Renee’s Cap Region Jobs
Keeping the momentum up all 2018. That is if you're actively looking for job. If you still have not found the right one for you then check out these lists of jobs.
I know job searching can be difficult sometimes, I mean interviews alone are nerve racking...
Win Tickets to Siena v. Monmouth
With only 2 home games left Hot 99.1 wants to make sure you get to check out some Siena men's basketball in the Cap District before the season ends!

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