You could owed a settlement in various class action lawsuits that are currently open and awaiting your claim.

While we're currently giving you a shot to win some cash wouldn't it also be great if you just stumbled your way into some found money? That could be a reality for you if you are able take part in one of the hundreds of class action lawsuits that are rewarding consumers right now.

How is it possible?

There is an entire database that is dedicated to keeping track of these lawsuits and the settlements that are being handed out. You'd be surprised at what businesses are being gone after for various things. While some of the payouts aren't huge, they are a nice little chunk of money you didn't know you were entitled to.

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One of the open lawsuits is with Verizon. This one could benefit you because they "misled its customers by not disclosing certain fees in its postpaid wireless service plans." The settlement would be for $100.

If you purchased glasses at LenCrafters with Accufit you could be entitled to $50 per pair of glasses purchased.

In a more serious one there is one open with Kia Motors due to engine failure in certain vehicles. The settlement varies on that one.

Macy's is also part of a lawsuit and this one involves bedding. If you bought CVC sheets the thread count was falsely advertised. If I read that correctly you'd be able to get $7.50 per sheet set purchased.

The payouts on these settlements really varies. Some of them involving healthcare and credit cards are worth far more. Some of them in the $10,000 and above range.

You really have nothing to lose to see if you should file a claim because you could find that your pockets are a little bit heavier.

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