Do You Fly South West Airlines?
You know it's one thing to have control over your car if a situation did occur ,but when you are 30,000 feet above the ground and allow someone else to fly you from one state to another , you have to just pray he 1) knows what he is doing 2) there is nothing wrong mechanically with the plane 3)…
Annual Car-Seat Trade In Day
Do you have an old car seat? Maybe little Tyler outgrew the one he already has. No worries on throwing it out in the garbage just to go buy a new one.
In honoring of Earth month Target will hold there annual car-seat trade in day at all Target locations, from April 22nd until May 5th...
A New Condiment May Be Sold At Store Near You Soon
I'm excited to hear this ketchup and mayo combination making its way in our food markets. Its already being sold in international food markets already. Heinz teased the new product last week and had people weigh in on the new product.
I love both mayo and ketchup on my burgers especially on my f…
Albany Empire Vs The Philadelphia Soul
Yesterday was such an EPIC day! Thousands of people from all over the Capital Region fled into downtown Albany for the opening game of the Albany Empires football season.
People came early to enjoy the festivities, party at the block party that was  held outside the TU center...
Times Union Job Fair
It's that time of year again when the Times Union holds their quarterly job fair at the Albany Marriot on Wolf Road.
Tuesday April 24th from 10am until 4pm you can stop by the hotel's convention hall and find a job that's just for you.
Need help with your resume and cover letter...

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