Would You Make These Lifestyle Changes To Live To 100?
Another survey that shows how much people don't care about their lives, but I appreciate the survey because the people were honest. 80% of the people wouldn't make simple life style changes to make sure they live. I suspect the numbers, are probably higher due to the fact that more peop…
Lego Store To Open In Crossgates
Get the kids ready a Lego store is finally opening in the Capital Region, these stores have had huge success around the country, encouraging lego enthuasiast to keep on building.
Crossgates Mall and The LEGO Group, one of the world’s best-known toy manufacturers, are thrilled to ann…
Company Offer Money To Smoke Weed
Marijuana Legalization is happening all around the globe. A company in Canada wants to do research on cannabis smokers. They are offering "expereinced" marijuana smokers up to $50 per hour to do what they love doing smoking marijuana.
This one is a little different...

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