5 Ways To Stay Healthy This Season
Want to stay healthy and free from the flu and any cold like symptom?. Here is a list of good and very simple habits to follow to stay healthy during the up and coming flu season.
1) Drink lots of fluid - staying hydrated is key.
2) Wash Your hand - germs travel fast and spread easily...
What National Day Is It?
Remember when you were in grade school or highschool and we had spritit week and each day was a different theme or day. Well now you dont have to be in school to participate on a theme filled day you can just look it up on google calendar  and see what weird fun day it is...
Hottest Artist In The 518
I always said the 518 has alot of talent. Over the past couple of months I have had the pleasure of either hosting or attending showcases throughout the Albany area with some of the most talented artists, producers, videographers you name it somebody in the 518 got it and is nextd up...

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