Lobo Rips Albany During ESPN Game

In the final moments of the LSU versus Iowa women's college basketball game on Monday night, ESPN's Rebecca Lobo took a pot-shot at 'boring' Albany, the regional host site of the Women's NCAA Tourny.

A few hours after her comments went viral, Lobo took to social media and attempted to clarify her comments.

With just over 40 seconds left to play in the game, and Iowa comfortably in the lead, Hawkeye superstar Caitlin Clark was on the free-throw line when play-by-play man Ryan Ruocco started singing her praises.

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In the waning moments of the monumental LSU versus Iowa women's college basketball game on Monday night, ESPN's Rebecca Lobo took a pot-shot at the city of Albany. Photo: Getty Images

While the video cameras panned to Clark's family celebrating in the stands, Ruocco told a story about how Caitlin's been holed up in her hotel room, focusing on the games, while her family has been hitting her up for some area suggestions, things to do, etc.

"Just go find something to do in Albany", Ruocco said, paraphrasing what Clark told her family.  Adding, "I'm staying in my room...and waiting for the game."

"Just Go Find Something to Do in Albany"

That's when Ruocco's broadcast partner, Rebecca Lobo came off the top rope and dropped the hammer on the host site city, which's often been criticized by celebrities, comedians, athletes, dignitaries, and more over the years.

After Ruocco set her up, Lobo, the former UCONN and NY Liberty star knocked it down ripping Albany, "By the way...Good luck finding something to do in Albany!"

Firestorm of Reaction

That comment sent off a firestorm of reaction from Capital Region residents who felt that it was an unprofessional thing to say during such a monumental broadcast.

At around midnight last night, a few hours after Lobo's comments on the host city went viral, she took to "X" to explain herself.

Albany's Mayor Kathy Sheehan even took to "X" in response to Lobo, hoping to catch her before she left town.

"There’s plenty to do if you take the time to look — some of the nation’s oldest museums, a stately Capitol, award-winning restaurants, and a basketball game or two downtown. (Rebecca) let’s take a ride before you leave town. Happy to show you all there is to see and do." Mayor Kathy Sheehan on "X"

Was it the worst thing anyone could say about our Capital City? Probably not.  But it was a comment best left out of the broadcast while celebrating an epic night of women's college basketball.

As the old saying goes, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!

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