How's that Sunday going down? Good, I hope!! It's your Sunday gal, Wonder, don't forget I am on the air right now until 6pm! Every Sunday, that's how it goes down! And every day, every hour, every minute, you know I am always wondering about something! And today, it's all about SELFIES!

Selfies have been around for a long dam time, but as of most recent they have blown up, and people of all ages, shapes, and sizes have been showing us what they got! Good and  BAD , haha!

#HOT 99.1studioselfie!

There are some haters out there, you can trust that. Calling it narcissistic and shit! I don't listen, I don't know about you. I aint got time to think about what the next person is thinking, and for me, I post selfies for nothing but pure fun! My goal?? To make you all laugh and smile with my dorky ass selfies. I aint scared!

Show the world what you're working with, it doesn't have to be your wash board stomach or keg like stomach like mine these days, true story. It could be any damn thing you want! And who gives a F what people think!

Shout out to 518 SELFIE CREW on Facebook btw! These local boyz put together this members only group on FB, and received word a week or two ago and you know I had to join the fun! Join in with me, and if you are a selfie hater, this is your chance to see that it is all in plain fun! Life is too damn short, do it, like it, have fun with it!! If you are on FB, which something tells me you probably are, here is the link:

And while you are at it , you know I want you to share your selfies with HOT 99.1!   On our Facebook at : and  on our Twitter! (HOT991albany)

Happy SELFIE Sunday yall! Looking forward to seeing your selfies!

The brains behind radio showing some selfie love!