As I give you the music you want to hear today, you know my mind is all over the place, usual!! Today, I am wondering about that dirty word love, most importantly, break ups!!

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images for BET)

I guess because we keep hearing about the whole Robin and Paula saga: "they're done, he can't keep it in his pants, he wants her back, he cheats, she wants him back" etc. I got to thinking about break ups, love, romance, heart breaks....

Break ups are never easy are they? Even if and when they are mutual, someone is always hurting more than the other....But, without break ups, how would we ever learn from our experiences and evolve as a person?

Trust me, break ups suck! I can't say I have had the best track record with mine, I aint afraid to admit it nor tell the world! I have no shame! My exes, they should know by now, my intentions are always well, but, I am a stubborn, determined, hard headed woman and I don't back down easily. In time, though, most of my ex-men and I end up cordial, sometimes best friends, and realize, it was never meant to be. Most of the

So that's what I am wondering about today. My question to you is Cap have you handled break ups?