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While some superstars are able to overcome addiction and clean up their acts quietly and swiftly, it takes others years of struggling with drug or alcohol abuse and “rock bottom” career-threatening moments including arrests, near-death experiences or worse to admit that help is needed.…
How Does it Feel?
D'Angelo may have been MIA for 15 years, but he is making a comeback with the new LP "Black Messiah" and now performing on "SNL!"
Back In The States
D'Angelo is headlining his own concert at the famed Apollo theater on Feb. 7. The crooner is performing in support of his 2014 album, 'Black Messiah.'
'Black Messiah'
D'Angelo's third album, 'Black Messiah,' is here nearly 15 years after the release of 'Voodoo.' Find out if the singer's project is worthy of your time.
Stream D'Angelo's Black Messiah LP
We have been wanting some of that "Brown Suga" for a long long time—14 years since his hiatus from music to be exact! Well, sexy D'Angelo may have gained a few pounds (haven't we all! LOL), but one thing is for certain, his musical sound is still on point! Listen to…
'Black Messiah'
If you haven’t heard by now, D’Angelo will be releasing his new album ‘Black Messiah,’ his first full-length studio effort in 14 years. More details about the project has surfaced, including the official tracklisting.
Almost Unrecognizable
Soul crooner D'Angelo rose to fame in the mid-90s with his soulful voice and his muscular physique that drove the ladies crazy. If you need proof, watch his suggestive 'Untitled (How Does It Feel)?' video. The 40-year-old crooner still has the velvety voice but he's certainly has…