So you thought women having surgeries so they can have bigger butts was stupid ? Well I have one that is even more baffling; Women, like 39-year-old Monica Escobar of Houston, are playing Russian roulette with their lives in order to fit into a pair of boots.

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She had a $4000 calf boot surgery, also known as calf liposuction, because she envied the way other women look in their boots.

"When I wear boots, I like the gap when I see it on other women," she said. "Like they have the gap with their outfit and I'm like, 'That's what I want my leg to look like.'" Apparently, the surgery was a success. "As the swelling goes down, I'm really excited to get into some skinny boots,"

This makes no sense to me, why can't people just be happy with what they were given in life ? My immediate thoughts when watching this video is why didn't she have lipo on the rest of her body or paid that money to a personal trainer and nutritionist or purchased custom-made boots?