Daneshia Heller, 19, was arrested Tuesday in Fort Lauderdale on charges of drug possession and misuse of the emergency 911 system after she called 911 to report that a man from whom she was buying drugs took her money.

Daneshia said a man, who's her cousin, named Zakan Allan took her $5 that she was using to buy drugs. She said she went to the house to buy marijuana, but he took her money and didn't give her the drugs. "He got my money, and I want my drugs," she told a 911 dispatcher. She also threatened to report and sue the 911 dispatcher if she didn't send the police. When the police showed up she had a small bag of flakka in her pocket.

How stupid can you be ? Drugs make you do stupid things. What did she expect to happen when the police showed up ? It seemed like the 911 operator was trying to give her a pass but she insisted on having the police come out and arrest her.