What is going on with this woman? She was recently busted trying to enroll in high school and lied about her age by ... 17 years. Who did she think she was going to fool? What was the ulterior motive behind this?

The Greene County Sheriff's Office says that a Cairo woman is facing charges after attempting to gain access to a school by enrolling as a student.

Deputies say Michaelann Goodrich is 32 years old.

Investigators say Goodrich, under the alias “Riley Madison", attempted to enroll in the Cairo-Durham School District, claiming she was a 15 year old homeless student back on December 28th.

I would love to sit down with this woman and figure out why she did this. There is no way she thinks she looks 15. Maybe she needed a fresh start and wanted to start by finishing high school. Hopefully, if she doesn't have a high school diploma she will be able to get her GED behind bars.

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