Police in Colonie had their hands full early Saturday morning after at least four different businesses, mostly along route 9, were randomly shot up and vandalized. Eventually, cops nabbed 23 year old Christopher Huck of Bolton Landing, who they say is responsible.

Colonie Police
Colonie Police

As it turns out, he may be responsible for a lot more, including shootings in Greene and Saratoga Counties.

Chellie Apa, the owner of Black Horse Farms in Athens arrived at work Saturday morning to find bullet holes through the front doors and windows of her store.

Apa called police and the Greene County Sheriffs told her they believe it happened around 4am.

At four in the morning we have no staff here and luckily with no one here, no one was hurt.

The timing of the Athens shooting is about an hour after it was estimated Huck went on his shooting spree in Colonie. Lieutenant Daniel Belles with the Colonie Police Department told News 10 they're looking into whether the shootings are related:

I can confirm that we are aware of one incident in Greene County, and one incident in Saratoga County, which we believe may be related to Huck’s incidents in Colonie.  They had reports of similar damage, and the damage occurred during the same overnight period.  We are sharing information with the respective Sheriff’s offices in an attempt to determine if Huck is responsible.

Saratoga County Sheriff Michael Zurlo said his department is looking into a similar incident that happened Saturday morning in Malta. It wasn't specified where or when that shooting took place, but Zurlo says he's in contact with Colonie Police and the Greene County Sheriff's office.

Huck is being held in Albany County Jail facing several felonies. If it's determined he's responsible for the Greene and Saratoga County shootings, he's likely to face additional charges.

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