I feel like we’re on the tail end of the pumpkin spice craze. We’re no longer living in the 2017 world where the fall flavor weaseled its way into everything. Pumpkin spice ramen, pumpkin spice humus, pumpkin spice Pringles, for crying out loud.

2022 finds us in a calmer society, with pumpkin spice mostly relegated to its proper home in the coffee shop, but occasionally someone will still put the spice where it has no business going. Now an Upstate New York butcher has created something so questionable, so outrageous, so uncalled-for that your taste buds may consider abandoning ship.

What The Fall?

An Upstate New York butcher is now offering pumpkin spice Italian sausage
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Basilio Buda, a Canastota, New York staple known for their quality Italian meats, has created the Pumpkin Spice Italian Sausage. They’re debuting the unlikely autumn creation this weekend at the Carnival Rides and Treats Fall Festival in their hometown.

The sausage contains pumpkin, cinnamon, clove, ginger, and nutmeg. According to Basilio Buda co-owner Deb Golden, by way of the Syracuse Post-Standard, the meat, “has a sweet pumpkiny flavor that reminds you of a fall pumpkin pie.”

The Fall-y of Man

An Upstate New York butcher is now offering pumpkin spice Italian sausage

When I told my coworker about this sausage he said, “Imagine having that with a Sam Adams pumpkin and then laying down to die.” While my thoughts on the matter aren’t that dramatic, it’s hard to imagine an Italian nonna receiving this take on a traditional sausage particularly well.

Basilio Buda is also debuting a Hot Honey Italian Sausage this weekend. In case you want to try Pumpkin Spice Italian Sausage for yourself and can’t make it to the fair, Basilio Buda will stock several Upstate New York Tops Markets and a few Syracuse-area shops with the limited-edition product.

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