Rapper Wiz Khalifa often talks about his love for good old Mary-Jane, but it seems that she may be getting him into a little bit of trouble these days. The Pittsburgh native was busted for marijuana AGAIN last night
which makes it the second time in 10 days!

After just being caught in Nashville,TN April 21 for the same thing, the Winston-Salem Police department reports that the rapper was ticketed before his concert last night in North Carolina. Apparently the rapper and friends were getting their minds right (if you feel me) before the show. After searching Wiz and the tour bus the police found 11.39 grams of marijuana (anything under 28 grams is a fine, anything more is jail time). The police also stated that Wiz had to appear in court at a later date and mentioned:


"Wiz wasn’t the only one busted for weed …other members of his band
and staff were cited as well."

Wiz I love you and everything, but lets not start getting sloppy!

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