Justin Bieber was whacked upside the head last Friday night in Manhattan at an Usher show. I was at the performance and stood next to Bieber the whole night. Surprisingly, his 3 bodyguards didn’t flinch. They did nothing. The Biebs was not a happy camper.

Usher was performing the lead in a show called “Fuerza Bruta”, which ditched the usual musical soundtrack for the night with tracks from Usher’s new album, “Looking 4 Myself”.

I glanced to my right before the show started and saw a cute girl in a hoodie standing next to me. I looked a little closer and noticed it was Bieber. Whoops. The show is very interactive. The performers and venue staff move the standing in different spots throughout the night for roll-out stages, curtains and so forth. There are even times where performers will take the show to the crowd.

At one point, about 5 of the performers scanned the crowd for people to whack over the head with these exploding confetti blocks. A blonde woman wielding one of these blocks approached JB. She hand-motioned to Bieber and said “Come on! Come up on stage!” Justin shook his head “no” while grillin’ her like she was a gang member on the wrong street corner. After a few attempts to bring him up, she ditched the effort and smashed him with one of the blocks.

There was little-to-no reaction from Justin. He looked a little ridiculous as he was covered with glitter and confetti while sporting a stink face like his mommy just took away his ice cream sundae. His eyes were locked in to the woman as she made her way back to the stage.

Bieber seemed to be having a miserable night overall. I was more interested in the performance than JB but the few times I looked over he had a pissy face on. Much different than the energetic, enthusiastic Bieber I interviewed when he was 15. The only time he cracked a smile was when Usher came into the crowd and initiated a dance battle with him.

Justin and his bodyguards made an exit with about 15 minutes left in the show. He was still covered in confetti.