Get ready to go pop Barbz! Soda pop, that is. Nicki Minaj‘s new commercial for Pepsi is set to premiere on Monday (May 7), according to reps for the soda giant (via The ad, called ‘Now in the Moment,’ features a new remix of her anthemic hit ‘Moment 4 Life.’

In the first promotional photo from the campaign, the pink-wigged rapstress is holding Pepsi’s new soda beverage called “Pop” while dressed in a pink-colored space-age outfit and hi-top sneakers. Minaj shot the commercial earlier this year in Argentina.

The ad is part of Pepsi’s global campaign ‘Live for Now,’ which invites fans to live each moment to the fullest through several different interactive platforms, including social media and entertainment. Minaj is no stranger to social media, having utilizing Twitter, Facebook and Ustream to mobilize her gazillion Barbiez fan base.

Minaj is not the only Young Money star hawking sodas. Her boss Lil Wayne is a pitchman for Mountain Dew. Weezy recently kicked off his DEWeezy campaign, which revolves around his passion for skateboarding.

As you can see, the male and female Weezy are branding their success. Young moo-la, baby!

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