Iyanla Vanzant stopped by “The World’s Most Dangerous Morning Show” to talk about everything that happened last season and prep fans for what’s coming for Iyanla Fix My Life.

If you aren't familiar with Iyana or Iyanla Fix my life is the reality show you have never seen before. Iyanla Vanzant, accomplished author, inspirational speaker, talk show host and living testament to the value in life's valleys and the power of acting on faith, goes behind closed doors and deep inside people's lives for emotional, riveting conversations.

The season actually started on Saturday, but Iyanla will check in with some people who have already appeared on the show. Iyanla talks about the previous guest on the self-help show, and who she will not allow coming back because they aren't ready for healing. The show is really good and will have you questioning your perspective on life. Life coach Iyanla Vanzant is often hailed as "the ultimate fixer." Check out the show on the OWN network:

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