In a recent interview, Oprah says her bestie,

Gayle King is not handling the latest criticism very well and has been getting death threats.

As many of you know earlier this week a clip surfaced of a Gayle King interview with WNBA basketball legend, Lisa Leslie. In the interview Gayle asked Lisa her thoughts on the 2003 sexual assault allegations regarding Kobe Bryant. Rightfully so, Lisa wondered why this was even being brought up since Kobe was acquitted of the charges in 2004.

Many took to social media to discredit Gayle, and question why she was bringing up old news to slander this man’s name while the country was still mourning his death. As a journalist, many think she could have avoided the question, even if her producers were requesting that she ask it.

Being in the media, I understand the need to ask questions and get the answers many want to know. I also understand ratings and the shock value involved with asking such messy things. I am not surprised she asked. She has a reputation for attempting to slander her own, but I am surprised at the social media reaction to it and I’m completely here for it.

I think Oprah and Gayle are dragging it with the allegations of death threats. If there were any credible death threats given to Gayle King, law enforcement would arrest the people immediately stop throwing rocks and then trying hide Gayle...

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