By now I am hoping most of you have made it out there to shovel out your cars!  The plows in the City of Albany had me shoveling for 3 hrs! Oh no, LOVE must be in the building on Valentine's Day!

So upon digging to get the cars out from under ten feet of snow, I managed to break my shovel, get drenched from head to toe, nearly get hit by oncoming traffic, get laughed at by kids, but still haven't made it to the store to select some V-Day goodies. Had to run into Shop Rite for a new shovel & noticed the array of beautiful rose bouquets, chocolates. chocolate covered strawberries, teddy bears, cards & hearts. Is there NO LOVE on Valentines??

Well I am sure there are alot of happy couples & serial daters out there, but they are all plowed in! We can't miss the day of amore! Get to shoveling & get out there to buy those special goodies for your boo this Valentine's Day!