By now the capital region is coated with mounds & mounds of the fluffy white stuff.  But unlike when we were carefree kids, these massive piles of snow so frequently hitting the cap region have became a nuisance! Yes, we are getting another storm! Can you stand it!

I have seriously contemplated moving to Florida these last few weeks here in the Northeast.  We are seriously getting slammed with snow.  I was beside myself to learn yet another storm is on its way with an 80 percent chance of snow & a 2 to 4 inch accumulation today. As far as tomorrow goes, more rain & snow showers will drop on the cap region with a 60 percent chance of precipitation.

Okay, it's official. I now have the winter blues & cabin fever combined! If you are like me you just may be going a little stir crazy from all the cold weather & snow. What's a girl to do? Move to the tropics? Maybe take a Caribbean cruise? We gotta do something to warm up the chill in the bones & lighten our moods. One of those may be an option if spring hasn't sprung by March 20th! I mean how the heck is all this snow to melt?! We are gonna still have snow on the ground in June! Not to mention the possibility of flooding when it does melt.

If you are one of what I consider those strange folk who love snow, love to ski, love to snow board, love winter sports, you are in your glory! Ugh! Last time I made a snow angel, snowman, or had a snowball fight I was probably in the 4th grade. At that age, you don't feel the cold, unlike that chill that stays in your bones as you get older.

Good luck with this next snow fall cap region! And remember, I am just as frustrated as you are! SMH....

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