Have you ever seen something that was so dramatic you couldn't stop looking at it? One day I was driving along Route 343 approaching Route 82 in Millbrook, New York and there it was, the remnants of an enormous structure, still beautiful in its decay. What is this building?

I gathered as many pictures as I could and figured I would research the history of the property later. My attempts to go inside or even get close were blocked by the fencing and "Keep Out", "Danger" signs but I was also held back by an eerie and uneasy feeling. Is this place haunted?

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What could a building this impressive have been? A hotel? A school? Turns out both are correct. I had stumbled upon Halcyon Hall, part of Bennett College, which was built to be a hotel but became a school. The building still stands but not for long as it is scheduled for controlled demolition this December.

Legend has it that some of the girls that attended the school in the 50's, 60's and 70's still call this campus home. Visitors have reported slamming doors, quiet voices, apparitions floating through the halls. Halcyon Hall and the rest of the campus will become a 32-acre park. What happens to the hauntings? Do they stay or do they ghost?

Halcyon Hall, Millbrook, NY

Halcyon Hall, part of Bennett College, will be demolished in December 2021.

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