We must take a pause at some point in our busy lives today to remember those we lost twelve years ago on this unfortunate day.


Looking outside the window it looks as if the weather is the same as it were on   9/ 11/ 01, except it we did not have the thick, muggy air that we do today in the Cap Region.

I remember being at St Rose in our TV production class with Professor Antico when a class mate, Ryan, had said he had heard something on the Howard Stern show about a plane crashing or something, he was not sure if it were true.

We took a break and went to the cafeteria, and it was so surreal as we quickly approached a room full of students, faculty, 2 tvs, and complete silence...the intensity in this room was indescribable...I realized, that what Ryan had heard was a fact.

Every one was looking up to the two small tvs, and as Ryan and I looked up. . .the second plane had hit the tower .

I get the horrible feeling now reliving this moment. . .our professors gave us the option to leave , many of us went into the lounge where they had set up more tvs, I did not know where to go or what to do. . . .and then I heard many students calling there families in NYC, and I had to leave , it was terrible. Every one was crying , sighing, holding hands , it was a moment in my life that  I can never forget.

As I walked to my car down Western Avenue, the streets were silent , except for the sound of car radios with the news blaring. ...I remember there was not a cloud in the sky, it was a beautiful Indian summer day and it felt as if the world had stopped.

I immediately called my family, and went home.

That night , I went to the radio station I was working for at the time. I did not want to talk to anyone even though we had not lost anyone personally , I took this day rather hard, I just could not believe what I had witnessed live on tv, what had happened, and I could not fathom the pain of the families who had lost their loved ones. I sorted through cds for about 3, 4 hours , left my phone off, listened to the constant radio coverage and finally went home.

Please take the time out today to remember those lost, and the families who lost them.
This day made me realize, as selfish as I can be, to always be thankful for those in, around, and who surround my life. ... I am so thankful and lucky to have the family and friends that I have in my life, and on a day like today am always reminded, to stop worrying about the little things.