Saw this over at Times Union. It has been a couple of months since Albany County District Attorney David Soares began having meetings to talk about legalization of marijuana in New York specifically Albany. A lot of his recent statements have pointed out that it will only be a matter of time before marijuana is legal in New York state.

DA David Soares says he believes it's only a matter of time before marijuana is decriminalized in the state.

Soares says he plans on scheduling more meetings in Colonie, Watervliet, and Menands to discuss marijuana laws with the local community

He has already held a number of meetings throughout the summer to discuss public safety concerns about marijuana legalization

"We are surrounded by other communities who have some kind of decriminalization for marijuana. Naturally, New York is next."

He says whether it happens next year, Albany County is prepared.

Soares says he's heard from a whole host of people including veterans.

Marijuana has been legalized in a bunch of states by now and all the worries people have don't seem to have added up to much. It's probably about time New York get with it.

You can even participate in the survey online.

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