It’s almost time for New York to open back up, the NY Pause period is almost over for the Capital Region. The Capital Region is expected to open in Phase 1 in the next 24 to 48 hours.  

We talked on the radio weeks ago about things probably being a lot different once businesses open back up. A lot of the old ways of doing things are canceled. People are concerned about barbershops and salons and most human contact after being told for months that people are contagious.  

A lot of people are also concerned about shaking hands and other things that were common for so long before everyone became aware of germs. Will you still go to the bar or night club to drink? Is clubbing canceled?

I think some people will be concerned but most won’t care, people just want to get out of the house at this point in time. I saw a study about one of my biggest concerns is eating out at restaurants, particularly buffets. 

 How will this affect the way you and your family dine out. I have always been concerned with eating at buffets.  I always time what and when I eat at buffets according to when they bring the items out.  

If I can see the server bring the food out I will immediately get up and get the item before everyone can breathe all over the food or worse put their hands in or on the buffet food.  

 I have always thought buffets were questionable, they leave food out for hours allowing insects and humans to handle your meal before you can get to it.  I might be wrong but I think the buffet industry is going to change or go out of business. 

Checking out the survey over at YouGov says only 27% of the people interviewed said they would still eat buffet style. While overwhelming 65% percent of the people surveyed said they were not with it. I don’t want to ruin anyone's good time but I’m obviously not the only one who has concerns. When things open back up will you eat buffet style?  Buffets are definitely canceled for me. 

Check in this afternoon on The Supreme Experience from 3 p.m. - 7 p.m. and let’s group chat about what you won’t do once quarantine is over?

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