History was made yesterday by President Donald Trump being impeached. No other president has been impeached during their first term of presidency.

The decision has mixed reviews all across social media, some saying this was their Christmas wish. It was very interesting to see it all play out, but we knew this was coming. He was impeached on abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. A lot of folks don’t know the process of a true Impeachment, it doesn’t mean that the president gets removed…there are steps to this man. But will he be removed from office? That is still up for debate when he goes to trial in the Senate to see if Senate laws were broken.

Even if he stays in office, I’m sure there will be pressure put upon him to resign. But this is Trump, he does what he wants to do with no regard to the consequences. To me I feel like it’s all just another TV show and entertainment he is providing the American people.

The only way to get him out of office is to get out and VOTE. Now that you’ve seen what he’s done over the course of four years, it’s time to bring this Circus to an end. What do you think? Will Donald Trump being impeached end his political career?

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