There have been a few notable animal escapes around New York state in 2021. Back in June a black bear bolted from the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge, in July a 1500 pound bull, nicknamed "Barney", busted out of a Long Island farm and now a miniature horse finds himself in some deep $#@t, literally.

CBS6 Albany reports that a miniature horse broke loose in Pittstown, New York Thursday and got stuck in a septic tank. My first thought was, "that really stinks". My second thought was, who do you call when your miniature horse falls into a septic tank? Apparently it's the fire department.

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Pittstown Fire Department arrived on the scene to rescue the little guy. Officials say that the department brought in a specialized team from the county, since it has conducted this type of rescue before. No word on whether that specialist is Engine #2 or not but it is reported that the horse was safely rescued and was not hurt.

Why are these animals trying to escape? Has the pandemic gotten to them as well? We may never know but I can tell you that "Ahote", the black bear that left his home in the Adirondacks has been found as is back home.

As for "Barney" the bull from Long Island, people are being bullish with information.  Barney has been spotted several times since his breakout but continues to elude his captors. According to my calculations he has been missing for 30 days now.

According to Greater Moriches, Barney was scheduled to be slaughtered, as part of religious ceremonies, the day he escaped. No wonder he is still missing.

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