Did you know that it isn't even officially winter yet?? Mmm hmm, Mother Nature lovvesss messing with us Cap Regioners, she does, she does!! So, I took it upon myself to find a song and video that will help warm us up on this Wednesday.

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I didn't go back too far with this one, 10 years to be exact, with a video that will make us all forget about that white stuff that caused us to have a very long commute home last night.

Plain and simple, it's LL & Amerie with their 2003 collabo " Paradise." Between Mr. Sexy LL , oh boy, licking those dam lips as usual with his 6 pack and Amerie's flawless beauty and legs for days AND a far, far away tropical island as the backdrop - what more does anyone need in life for these next 4 minutes?

It's a happy, warm and fuzzy, feel good song. Screw the coffee or the hot cocoa, just watch and listen! I bet you're temperature will rise.