Right off Northway exit 9 on Route 146 sits USA Gas. It sits at an extremely busy intersection that has seen its fair share of accidents over the years. This one and the surrounding circumstances might be a first though.

The video is dated 3/1/22 at 1:28pm. On the video can be seen a New York State Trooper's cruiser, likely having just filled up. The officer is inside the store. Another car is on the other side of the pumps when it all of a sudden makes a fast and sharp left turn right into one of the pumps.

Liquid can be seen spilling at the corner of the gas pump, that was from the squeegee bucket.

Seconds later, the Trooper is seen walking out and he approaches the driver in the car.

Although the shell of the pump is certainly damaged, it's not clear if the car knocked any pipes or fuel lines loose. Also unknown is why or what caused the driver to drive directly into the pump station. Obviously there's going to be the need for some repair work on both the car and the pump. Luckily it doesn't appear that any gas came gushing out of the ground.

This whole clip is only 15 seconds long, so we don't get to learn too much about what happened before or after, but we get to see the the meat of it. Hopefully the driver is ok, we don't know if any tickets were issued, but at least there was no need for a high speed chase.

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