A 30-second preview of Nicki Minaj's reality show, 'My Truth,' hit the Web earlier this week, and now an extended clip has been released to amp up fans' anticipation.

The 'Va Va Voom' rapper's clip opens with Minaj taking the stage in front of throngs of her beloved Barbz, practicing her greetings and telling the cameras, "I just happen to be one of those artists that see the future." She's sassing people on the set of a music video and singing 'Freedom' in the studio. She's also shown "building an empire" at her Pink Friday fragrance launch, cavorting with Drake, 2 Chainz and other rap icons -- and, most importantly, interacting with her fans.

"My relationship with my fans is sometimes the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning," Minaj admitted, her interview snippet spliced within footage of her Barbz hugging and shaking hands with the 'American Idol' judge. And her life isn't always easy: She flat out flips out at bottom feeding gossip blogger Perez Hilton, telling him sassily but calmly, "I'm sick of you printing lies."

She also addresses her feud with Mariah Carey while on a private jet, saying, "I think that Mariah met her match this time, and I don't think she was expected to meet her match." Juicy!

'Nicki Minaj: My Truth' will premiere on E! tonight, Nov. 4, at 10:30 PM EST.