Mike Epps Real Deal Comedy Show was supposed to be in Albany on Sept. 26, but for some reason the show was abruptly cancelled.

Was Mike Epps' creeping on Twitter the reason why his tour came to a screeching halt?

Here is how it went down, according to Bossip.

Comedian Mike Epps might want to learn how to take advantage of Twitter’s new unlimited DM service because the actor’s wife recently busted him trying to sniff some Twitter panties!

Mike was caught on the timeline by his lurking Wife Mechelle trying to holla at a beautiful fan…

Right before Mike could get the woman in his DMs to seal the deal, his wife made it be known that she could see him attempting to shoot his shot. It went downhill from there.

The show was cancelled yesterday but check out the tweets.

This seems like typical Dae Dae behavior. Hopefully one day we can really get a Mike Epps show in the Capital District, if he would put his Twitter player days behind him. I thought his cousin reminded him on this five Fridays ago.