Mike Epps

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Join Hot 991 as we stream the exclusive Hip Hop party hosted by Mike Epps with a world premiere on 10/09. The party will include performances by hip hop legend Rakim, KRS1, Big Daddy Kane, and Greg Nice.
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Mike Epps is making his way back to the Capital District. Comedian/Actor Mike Epps is coming to the 518 on October 6th at the Palace. If you have never seen Mike Epps on stage trust me, he is just as hilarious as in the movies.
Mike Epps has made us crack up laughing in movies like Friday, Next F…
Mike Epps in The 518
All week long we have tickets to check out Mike Epps on Sept 26th at the Palace !
The Real Deal Comedy tour comes to the 518 with Mike Epps listen at 4:30p - Monday through Friday this week for the Mike Epps hook up with Mike Epp's Movie clip of the day...