Win your way into the hottest party this year.  Don’t worry its all socially distancing friendly, you can turn up with Mike Epps and some of his favorite Hip Hop MC’s from back in the day, from the privacy of your own home or wherever you decide to stream. 

Join Hot 991 as we stream the exclusive Hip Hop party hosted by Mike Epps with a world premiere on 10/09.  The party will include performances by hip hop legend Rakim, KRS1, Big Daddy Kane, and Greg Nice. 

You can invite your friend and family over to turn up and stream with us.  The premiere happens on 10/09 and the show will be available to stream all month.  If you want to put together your own exclusive Mike Epps Hip Hop together you can purchase tickets here.  We will have a handful of streaming parties to give away.  Listen to Hot 991 and tap in on the Hot 991 app to win your way into the exclusive party.   

Join Hot 991 at the Mike Epps virtual Hip Hop party this is a must-see for anyone who loves the culture.  These legendary MC’s only perform at certain venues worldwide and very rarely all perform together.  If you love Hip Hop music and the culture you definitely want to join Mike Epps and Hot 991 for this once in a lifetime virtual Hip Hop party.

Listen daily for the Mike Epps Hip Hop Party invite and text to win inside the Hot 991 app to win a Mike Epps Hip Hop party stream so you can invite your friends and family to enjoy the show.   You can also purchase your ticket for The Mike Epps Hip Hop party. 

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