Mike Epps is making his way back to the Capital District. Comedian/Actor Mike Epps is coming to the 518 on October 6th at the Palace. If you have never seen Mike Epps on stage trust me, he is just as hilarious as in the movies.

Mike Epps has made us crack up laughing in movies like Friday, Next Friday, Janky Promoters, The Hangover, Open Season and so much more. His stage show is just as funny and it will be coming to The Palace on October 6th you can get your tickets now at The Palace Box Office.

This weekend we have the hookup Text 518.336.5991 To Win #DAEDAE all weekend long to win your tickets. Text to win all weekend long on Hot 991.

Just for being a loyal viewer of Hot991.com here are the times when we will be giving away tickets.
Keisha Renee ‘ 10 A
DJ BIZ 2 P & 5P
DJ BIZ 3P & 7P

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