Another violent night in Albany NY. Tuesday night police are reporting four separate shooting incidents. During the night hours of (7/27). This string of shootings is one of the many during the July month of record-breaking violence. Albany police are investigating all four shootings that took place on Tuesday night.

The first shooting of the night took place on First and Lexington in Albany where police are reporting a 43-year-old male was shot in the abdomen, the wounds were nonlife-threatening and the man is being treated at Albany Medical Center.

Another incident took place on Bleeker Terrace were another male 26 years old was shot in the foot he was also treated at Albany Medical for nonlife-threatening wounds.

The third shooting of the evening was on Robin and Sherman streets where a 44-year-old man was shot in the torso. The fourth and final shooting of the night happened on Livingston Ave between Judson and Thornton street around 10p where a male victim was shot in the abdomen.

Police are currently investigating these shootings, no suspects have been named in any of the shooting incidents. All the victims suffered non-life-threatening wounds. Police believe many of these shootings are retaliation shootings. They all happened around the same five hour time period. It certainly does seem like these crimes could have a connection. What are some solutions to keep the peace?

Stay safe this summer anyone with more information on these violent crimes are encouraged to contact Capital Region Crime stoppers.

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