As I woke up this morning and did my usual Facebook check, email check, and internet surfing I stumbled across something rather funny. Vanilla Ice in a Kraft Mac n Cheese commercial. WTH?!

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True story, and you know I have to share this with you. Wow, have times have changed. Vanilla Ice went from rapper to wanna be movie star, to rock star then reality show star and now a commercial star!

I cannnot lie, he looks good in this commercial. And I can't help it, you know I had his pictures on my wall back in the day and had a super crush on him and watched his movie "Cool As Ice" over and over and over again. (Really bad acting)Damn, I just googled that movie, it came out in 1991!

Ok, enough about him, check out the commercial below. ( I now am craving the Teenage Mutant Ninja Mac and Cheese after watching this btw) It is cute, quirky and funny. Word to your mutha! OH, and I also gave an extra little treat below and found the "Cool as Ice" movie trailer for ya!