Everyone is curious as to whether the world considers them “hot” or “not.” A new app takes that curiosity to the next level by removing the subjectivity from rating attractiveness, but just how accurate is it?

The program scans your face’s structure and pumps out a score based on the output map. So, someone like Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan – who has been tabbed as the most symmetrical signal caller in the NFL – would theoretically rank high (which would mean he’s NOT ugly despite the implication).

As the creator of Dapper Gentlemen’s ‘Ugly Meter’ app puts it, “everybody is interested in vanity and they like to know where they rank.” Tell that to Susan Boyle. Anyway, he claims the groundbreaking program was #1 for three weeks in China. We could insert an abhorrently racist joke here but we’ll wait for Daniel Tosh to do it justice.

According to the description on iTunes, the app’s been featured by Howard Stern, Kelly Ripa, Jay Leno, CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, the Today Show, and the Daily Show. But, so far, the reviews are fairly negative. One user reports that he/she used the Ugly Meter on his/her cereal and furniture with varying results. Maybe that’s something the development team can work on for the 2.0 version?

They’re also offering a prize to the ugliest user. Who said your looks wouldn’t get you anywhere?