Tupac’s Back VIA Hologram [VIDEO]
This is amazing, unless you have been under a rock since 1996 you know that Hip Hop star Tupac died of a fatal shooting. Well last night he performed live at Coachella with Snoop Dogg. No… that is not typo Tupac performed live last night courtesy of a new 3d holograph technology...
Google Augmented Reality Glasses Will Kill Us All
Hot off their April Fools Joke about Google 8-Bit for Nintendo comes the media giant’s announcement they’re in the process of testing augmented reality glasses that make you feel like Iron Man or the Terminator and look like Levar Burton’s character in…
Your Grandpa is Gonna Love the New ‘E-Paper’
Newspapers were supposed to die couple years ago. It’s been a long slow death because some people just like to buy an actual newspaper in the morning. Shout out to you Pee-Paw! Now, maybe the newspaper fans can have their ink and read it too. See what we did there?