Newspapers were supposed to die couple years ago. It’s been a long slow death because some people just like to buy an actual newspaper in the morning. Shout out to you Pee-Paw! Now, maybe the newspaper fans can have their ink and read it too. See what we did there?

LG is getting ready to launch an amazing new flexible “e-paper” in Europe, possibly within a month’s time. The new display technology is a six inch screen with a 1024×768 resolution in black & white, but the big draw is the ability to bend it at up to a 40 degree angle without breaking. The possible uses for this technology are crazy, being that it’s so lightweight and durable.

This is going to be a total game changer for the e-book market. Sure, Kindles are small and light, but they’re still heavier than a newspaper. One of these things is going to basically make magazines obsolete, and if they’re cheap enough to produce expect to see them all over the place by Christmas. Just like your wife after a couple spiked eggnogs.

[Via Engadget.