Today is the day that tech users have been waiting for- the iPhone 6 is set to hit shelves and people are eager to get their hands on the newest version of the popular iPhone.

This is the case for many people in the Capital Region that flocked to Crossgates Mall to try and get one of the coveted phones. By 8AM this morning roughly 400 people were lined up outside of the Apple Store in the mall.

The man at the front of the line, Ryan Wheeler, had been waiting in line for over 26 hours. Because the mall closed last night at 10:00PM Ryan had to wait outside overnight to keep his spot at the head of the line and was let back in at 5:00AM this morning. Ryan said that he could not wait for the 6Plus iPhone and took the day off from work to ensure that he got one.

Would you ever consider camping out for a piece of technology?

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