When you hear about a shooting you don't always think of Nebraska but that's exactly where Honey Cocaine was shot March 20th after a show. At first it was thought that two members of her entourage were shot but she revealed on Twitter the next day that it was in fact her. 

Cocaine, whose real name is Sochitla Sal, Tweeted that she was shot but okay:

Got shot and I'm not dead. #LoveLifeAndGod

Apparently Tyga was about to perform 'Rack City' and some of the members of the audience were throwing things at him to which responded by asking whoever did it to step outside - which they did - and the shots were fired at the tour bus. Honey Cocaine was on the bus the time and along with one other member of her entourage was shot. Both were only grazed by the bullets - without any serious injuries.

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