The long awaited Bryson Tiller sophomore album is finally out. "True To Self" dropped late last week and to fans are surprised they got the full album a whole month early. It's been almost two years since Tiller dropped his first album "Trap Soul", which did extremely well and reached number 11 on the Billboard 200 charts. Now with his latest album "True To Self", he gives us the same Bryson Tiller from before, just not as trappy. It's more of an R&B old school hip hop feel. As he mentioned, he sampled songs from Brandy, Tweet, SWV and other various artists. I like the album because it's mood music for me. I can ride around cooling listening to this. Although it did not top Trap Soul I can still vibe to it. However, I'm going to let it grow on me.

My favorite songs from this album is "Blowing Smoke" "In Check" "SomethingTells Me"

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