On June 5, 2020 18-year old Donovann Clayton was walking down a street in Troy, minding his own business, when a murderer's stray bullet pierced his body and killed him.  Law enforcement officials want you to know that they are still seeking the person responsible for Mr. Clayton’s death.

Mr. Clayton was walking down the street, in the vicinity of Sixth Avenue and Swift Street at approximately 10:45 p.m., when gunshots rang out and struck him.

Mr. Clayton was transported to Samaritan Hospital where he was pronounced dead.  Sadly, he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.  

According to News 10, A reward fund was set up by former Troy Mayor Harry Tutunjian, in an attempt to gain information regarding Clayton‘s murder.  By June 24, the award fund had risen to $10,000.  Even with such a large reward, the murderer still remains elusive to police.

Law-enforcement is asking for our help in finding the person or persons responsible for the shooting death of Donovann Clayton.  They say that they have diligently been investigating the murder but they need the community’s help.

Dan DeWolf is the Deputy Police Chief with the Troy Police Department.  He says that his department has been diligently trying to gain information about the person or persons responsible for Mr. Clayton‘s death.  

Chief DeWolf said that he is appealing to the media to spread the word to the community that they are still investigating the incident and are asking for help.  He said, “It has been over seven months since the senseless and tragic death of Donovann.  While there have been some tips in the case, detectives are seeking more information in the hopes of catching Donovann’s killer”.

If you have any information, please call Det. Sgt Thomas Feely at (518) 270-4666

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