I haven’t heard of a hacker asking for a ransom in a hot minute. 

The town of Colonie experienced a cyber-attack yesterday where a Hacker demanded a ransom to get their systems back up and running.  The attack was done Wednesday evening, but what’s even more surprising is that the town didn’t pay the ransom to the hacker!  Town Supervisor Paula Mahan said an integrated team of law enforcement and various state agencies have been working to respond to the incursion. She added that all the town’s data was backed up and many of the departments were able to work without using the computer system.

Let me get this straight.  A hacker takes down one mini town’s system and ya’ll are working to get it back up without a ransom?  What I’m hearing is that most of these small towns fold to the hackers and pay the ransom.  That’s right…they have no idea nor do they have experienced IT employees who know how to get around the system shutdown the hackers installed.

About a week ago, Albany County Airport Authority's computer system was also hacked, and the airport had to pay a ransom. The amount wasn't disclosed, but airport officials said it was "under six figures." Colonie officials don’t know if there is any connection between the two incidences. 

Seriously ya’ll?  Get some better security up in there and stop paying these hackers!!!

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