A recent trip to luxury store Holt Renfrew in Canada ended with singer Tory Lanez spending more than $30,000 and singling out one employee who allegedly was discriminatory against him.

According to a now-deleted Snapchat from the “Say It” singer, he dropped $35,000 at Holt Renfrew after one employee assumed he wouldn’t be spending any money. In a video taken while leaving the store, Lanez could be seen pointing his camera at the employee.

“I gotta get em’, look at his ass,” Lanez said. “Say hello. Yeah, we balled out your s---. We walked in the store, he ain’t think we was gonna buy nothing... We Gucci'd down. We Louis Vuitton'd down. We everything.”

While Lanez may have believed he got the last laugh, users on Twitter were quick to poke a hole in the singer’s logic. Many fans wondered why after being discriminated he would proceed to spend $35,000 in the store.

But according to Lanez, “It’s not the fact that we spent $35k in there, we were already going there to do that.” The singer also said he made sure the employee who discriminated him did not get a percentage of the sale.

When asked by another Twitter user if the person he gave the commission to was black, Lanez said yes.


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