Father’s Day is a week away, but The Game is already celebrating how good of a father he is to his children. Over the weekend, Game went on Instagram to boast about his 14-year-old son Harlem who is graduating from junior high school.

The Compton native posted a series of photos honoring his son. In one picture, he shared the insert from his 2005 debut album, The Documentary, where he was holding his then-infant son Harlem. Twelve years later, Game can barely hold up his now adult son who will be entering high school next year.

"Inside my 1st album.... he weighed about 20 lbs.... wasn't nothing to pick him up, hold him & stop his tears," writes Game. "Now he 6 foot tall & weigh damn near as much as me... oh the joy of being a daddy is something I've always wanted to share with the world.... my relationship with him is so f---in dope...that's literally my n---- (Denzel voice)."

Not only is Game's son graduating from the 8th grade he is also a valedictorian. Harlem is head of the Dean's List for being on the honor roll four years straight. "I'm proud of you son.. highschool here we come... well s---, here he come. I love you Bam," wrote Game.

Salute to the Game and his son, Harlem. Check out the photos below.

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